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Total U Coaching


Your dream has always been to take better care of yourself, start your own business, get promoted on the job, be more assertive, attain balance/get organized, get motivated to try something new, find peace in life/work through issues, lose weight, etc but you don’t know where to begin or you aren’t sure you have what it takes to make it happen. This Total Transformation package will provide one on one coaching to help guide you step by step to your greatness.

Coaching Cohorts


Coaching Cohorts are ideal for individuals who thrive in a group setting. Group members that share a common goal or would like to utilize a larger support system to achieve success will be placed in focused cohorts that will feature weekly group coaching sessions, a support chat group, and individual homework assignments.

Seminars, Workshops, & Speaking Engagements

Total Transformation Solutions offers group workshops, seminars, and accepts speaking engagements from fraternities, sororities and other corporate, social, and non-profit organizations looking to enlighten larger groups. Topics can be customized to address specific themes or subject matters relevant to the association.

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