Everyone ended 2019 talking about 2020 being the year of vision. Well, although we didn't see it coming, most can say while we may not have 20/20 vision we sure have a lot more clarity. LOL!


This year we will focus on how taking action and pairing it with accountability will result in actualization of what we say we want. This event is all about creating and implementing realistic strategies to get your vision beyond your board and into reality. This year we will be virtual. You can either create your board physically or digitally. Either way, if you are prepared to turn those visions into reality, sign up today!


Also, there is pre-work! Please complete the worksheets before the event.


To create a physical vision board you will need:

Poster Board




Pens and/or Markers

Stickers, Glitter, and more if you get ultra fancy


Digital Vision Board Apps





Join us:

January 23, 2021



Action, Accountability, and Actualization: A Beyond the Vision Board Experience